About us


To deploy, use, utilize and leverage the biotechnology as an effective tool for catalyzing accelerated economic growth of Uttarakhand by substantially harnessing and converting its bio-wealth into economic wealth.


To conserve biodiversity, leverage the existing knowledge base, promote and build the academic and R&D institutions , motivate biotech entrepreneurship & business, develop skilled human resource, disseminate information, develop awareness and scientifically harness the enormous bio-wealth.


Biotechnological applications/tools have a wide range of applicability in all walks of human life, and thus there is urgent need to intensify R&D work in the potential areas of biotechnology for commercial exploitation and to keep pace with recent developments. Besides improving existing infrastructure facilities in the state, National and International collaboration with advanced Labs/Institutions be encouraged for capacity building and knowledge enhancement, keeping the specific need of the Uttarakhand in mind. Biotech education and R&D Institutions will be made competent to take up specific need based task in the state with particular emphasis on setting up biotech park encompassing biotechnology based industries, incubation centre and institutional R&D facilities. To achieve this national and international funding will be sought through industrial invitation and skilled human resource generation.

   One of the major concerns of the Uttarakhand Council for Biotechnology (UCB) is to create awareness on biotechnology packages for income generation and better health care in both urban and rural areas and disseminate the use of biotechnological processes and tools for creating new avenues of employment in rural areas, particularly for women and weaker section of the society. Trainings and demonstrations in various areas such as wasteland utilization, vermiculture and vermicomposting, mushroom cultivation, floriculture, biofertilizer, aqua farming, medicinal & aromatic plants including natural dye plants cultivation, bioenergy etc. would be taken up by the Uttarakhand Council for Biotechnology for raising socio-economic status and standard of living beings in the state.

  To undertake this ambitious plan of the Uttarakhand Council for Biotechnology and to put this ‘vision’ on a practical platform as well as to boost the education, modern research & development in the field of biotechnology, Initially known State Biotechnology Programme was restructured in the name of Uttarakhand Council for Biotechnology, Department of Biotechnology, Govt. of Uttarakhand since November 2014. This council is an autonomous body of Government of Uttarakhand and is working under the guidance of apex body of UCB and wishing to function as “Nodal Agency” of Department of Biotechnology, Govt. of India, New Delhi for Biotechnology education, research and development in the state of Uttarakhand.