Funding of R&D projects for infrastructure development

There is urgent need to intensify R&D work in the potential areas of biotechnology for commercial exploitation. For this, besides improving infrastructure facilities in the R&D institutes, international collaboration with advanced laboratories be encouraged to further train the scientists in the modern areas of biotechnology, keeping specific needs of Uttarakhand in mind. Besides the ongoing research, the R&D Institutions are competent to take-up specific work depending upon the requirement of the State, especially for setting-up biotechnology-based Industries. In this regard Task Force of eminent/practising biotechnologists will be formed for their advice and guidance to utilize BT intervention for rapid and sustainable development of the State. Council envisages:

Funding of projects on development and utilization of Bioresources of Uttarakhand

Funding to institutions for infrastructure development

Conference/ Seminar/ Symposium/ Workshop

Under this scheme financial assistance is provided to organize Conference/Seminar/Symposium/ Workshop on topical issues by various academic and R&D organizations, NGOs. This will provide a platform for interaction and exchange of  noble ideas among the students, scholars, distinguished scientists of national and international repute to build a solid knowledge base for the over all development of biotechnology/nanobiotechnology.

Participation in national and international seminar(s)

Participation of the Council (including other researchers/practitioners) in various activities within the state/country and abroad is very important to showcase the state activities and initiatives in the field of biotechnology, in particular, dissemination of information to draw attention of national and international firms and industries in the field of biotechnology.

Popular lecture Series

In order to catalyze the scientific temper and sensitize larger population in special reference to the biotechnology and nano-biotechnology in the state, leading scientist, industrialist will be invited for delivering popular lectures both in general scientific development/cutting edged technologies.