Bioinformatics Lab

 We are developing a database for Uttarakhand state that will contain possibly all Medicinal, Aromatic, Allergic, and Ornamental plants that are found in Uttarakhand along with its genomic information available at different gene banks. We will keep on updating it so that everyone will be able to access it via web by using one click interface.

 We are currently working on miRNA-SSR of Arabidopsis thaliana a highly important class of microsatellites markers’ which is very effective and useful for molecular breeding of crop plants.

 We are working on identification and characterization of novel LncRNA-SSR in A.thaliana genome, this discovery will be highly applicable in plant breeding.

 We are working on annotation of Kiwifruit genome (King of all fruits also king of vitamin C) is also ongoing.

We are working on functional and structural annotation of Human Hypothetical proteins which are indirectly involved in different biological activities.

We are working to improve the understanding of different disease mechanisms using computational tools to identify and validate new drug targets, more specific medicines that act on the cause, not merely the symptoms, of the disease can be developed.

 We provide the consultation services to meet the needs of students including molecular sequence database similarity searching, interpretation of database search results, and DNA and protein sequence analysis.

We keep on organizing the hands-on guided training programme for student/research scholars/scientist/faculty members to help them to pursue their advance study/research work in the field of Computational Biology & Bioinformatics.

 We are working to develop web-based tutorial classes for Bioinformatics and Computational Biology.

Another desired target of the our training program is to develop Web page training programmes to aid researchers in accessing biological information resources.

Bioinformatics is a new emerging field that helps in collecting, linking, and manipulating different types of biological information to discover new biological insights. In short, bioinformatics is an information management system for Molecular Biology, Biotechnology, Medicine and Agriculture. The knowledge of bioinformatics may prove helpful to cope with many dangerous diseases such as cancer, HIV, and malaria and also essential for improvement of crop and medicinal plants. The genome sequence information of an individual organism can be utilized for improvement of different genetic traits using this approach. Recently genomes of a large number of species have been sequenced, and the information had been submitted to databases, which can be further utilized for finding and annotating genes/transcription factors/proteins for different traits.

Keeping these points in view on 1st October 2014 the department set up its camp office in Premnagar, Dehradun. This camp office has been established for providing world class biotechnology training to students, research scholars, teachers etc. The main purpose of establishing this lab here is to promote the use of advanced biotechnology and bioinformatics for the development of state and also to advance the research level to solve the biological problems. To make it large, in future this lab is planned to be shifted in Bhauwala, Dehradun whose initiatives are ongoing.