Biotech Park

Biotech Park

  • Uttarakhand Council for Biotechnology has proposed to set up a Biotechnology Park in Uttarakhand with the help of private sector to boost Biotechnology based ventures. Biotechnology-based and other auxiliary industries will be located in this Park.
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  • Common facilities in Biotechnology Park would include-
  •  Auction/Procurement Centre for raw material of medicinal and aromatic plants, horticultural and biotechnology based products.
  •  Availability of genetically improved planting material
  •  Facility for on-line trading
  •  Cold storage facility for perishable products
  •  Information Technology Cell including that on IPR related issues
  •  Consultancy for biotechnology-based industries
  •  Business and conference centers
  •  Exhibition Hall
  •  Demonstration plots
  •  Incubator facility for technology assessment and refinement