Centre for Excellence in Mountain Biology

CEMB is expected to provide a much needed biotechnology and nano-technology based R&D support and leadership, particularly relevant to Uttarakhand and its mountainous region, in specific, and develop methods for the commercial utilization of rich bioresources with their conservation and protection.

The Centre would also undertake R&D for preparing ready products in collaboration with commercial units in the state or elsewhere in the country. This will improve the local economy as well as conserve the natural plant wealth. CEMB will be equipped with the following laboratories:-

Plant Tissue Culture Facilities & High Tech Nurseries

DNA Finger Printing Facility and Laboratory for Molecular Biology

Bioprospecting-cum-Analytical Facility and Quality

Assurance Laboratory

Microbiology Laboratory and Fermentation Facility

Light Microscopic Facilities, Histology Laboratory and Cold Rooms.

Nano-bio sciences

Bioinformatics Group and Documentation Laboratory 

This will be a central facility in the state for Training programmes on “Advanced Techniques in Biotechnology” for Human Resource Development (HRD) of the State, access/used by Institutions, academicians etc., Incubator facility for technology assessment and refinement for industries be located at the Biotechnology Park(s) in the state & establishing academia and industry interphase, etc.

This laboratory will have provisions for theoretical and experimental facilities for cutting edge technologies for all walks of human life in the field of biotechnology. The Lab will be equipped with a central instrumentation facility and following 5 subsidiary laboratories:-

 Medical Biotechnology

 Plant Biotechnology


 Animal Biotechnology

Center for bioinformatics and Data processing