Human Resource Development
  •   Training and capacity building for post graduate students/ researchers/ teachers:
  • The trainings on “Advanced Techniques in Biotechnology” is an attempt to familiarize the participants with the realm of modern biotechnological techniques. The developments in this area of research are very rapid and seemingly complex, it is thus imperative to have a thorough knowledge of both the conventional and novel techniques in this field. The emphasis in this program is on practical demonstrations followed by hands-on practice by the trainees. The program has been structured in such a way that it caters to the need for HRD through three levels of trainings –
  •   Preliminary training on “Advanced Techniques in Biotechnology” for post graduate student/researchers/teachers, in various fields of biotechnology.
  • Secondary level training is for specialized fields within the wider field of biotechnology.
  • Advanced/Industrial training be introduced for selected students/incumbents per year.
  • Apart from these trainings special summer/winter schools, of three weeks each, for the extensive exposure of know – how and recent trends in Biotechnology/Nanobiotechnology/Bioinformatics etc. are also being organized, periodically with national and international exposure.
  •   Scholarship scheme:
  • Uttarakhand Council for Biotechnology  will encourage and attract exceptionally talented postgraduate students/researchers through various incentives and opportunities. Fellowship/Scholarship will be provided in the field of biotechnology/bionanotechnology to pursue their advance study/research in national University/Institution/Laboratory.