To act as autonomous body of uttarakhand state for biotechnology and nodal agency for the Department of Biotechnology, Govt. of India.

  To promote large scale use of Biotechnology for the socio-economic development of the State.

  Establishment of institutional framework for Biotech education, R&D in the State.

  To sensitize, popularize and catalyse the utilization of Biotechnology and its associated tools for over all development of the state.

  Initiate, support, promote and coordinate various R&D Project and programme for the sustainable utilization of bio resources of the state.

  Integrated programme for Human Resource Development and Capacity building.

  To develop Industries –Academia interfaces and establish Biotech parks for Bio-business and industrial development etc.

  Collection, generation and dissemination of information relating to Biotechnology/ Nanobiotechnology.

  Establishment of Centre for Advance Research in Modern Biotechnology.

  Establishment of “Knowledge City”.

  Awareness programme on biotechnology packages for income generation and better health care in urban as well as in rural areas, particular reference to the women, SC/ST families and disseminate the use of biotechnological process and tools for creating new avenues of employment in rural areas.

  Entrepreneurship development Programme.

  Establishment of modern Bio-villages ( promoting clean and green technologies).

  Endeavour to ensure full advantage of the IPR regime to ensure the future.