New Initiatives

New Initiatives
  •  Creation of a first  POLICY PAPER  “ Biotechnology in Uttarakhand :  Scope and Current Relevance”  by organizing  a brainstorming workshop of technocrats, bureaucrats, scientists, legal advisers, policy makers, government officials and other relevant socially active resource persons.
  •  Creation of Biosafety  Measures :  Establishment of  Bio-terrorism and Agro-Terrorism Mitigation Centres in Uttarakhand to shield our international boarder. Establishment of Government approved body of Uttarakhand Council for Biotechnology for monitoring and checking of bio-safety/bio-hazards and pollution issues of government, semi-government and private sectors within the state.
  •  Establishment of Environmental Biotechnology Laboratory : Our existing research laboratories will be equipped with highly sophisticated instruments/equipment for rapid testing of  soil, water and  Air bio-hazards  for industries, public and government sectors with  joint collaboration with Pollution Control Board.