To upgrade and provide infrastructural support to R&D and other Institutions to generate skilled human resource in biotechnology and nanobiotechnology.

 To intensify R&D work in potential areas of biotechnology and its interventions, including agriculture, horticulture, animal husbandry, human health etc.

 To map the rich biodiversity of the state, including landraces and lesser known crops and create exhaustive/extensive data base to enable ex-situ & in-situ conservation, scientific management and prevent reckless exploitation.

 To conserve and commercially exploit bioresources of the state for sustainable development and economic upliftment.

 To promote agro-&-organic farming and encourage cultivation (conservation) of medicinal and aromatic plants/herbs through intensive training programme. Promote pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals and such other industries based on medicinal and aromatic plants.

 To attract entrepreneurs for setting-up of biotechnology-based industries in the state either in an Industrial Estate mode or dispersed in smaller pockets throughout the state.

 To sensitize and promote “Clean and Green” technologies for livelihood and environmental protection.

 To set-up Biotechnology Park(s) and Incubation Centre in the State.

 To provide suitable institutional framework to achieve the above objectives.