Promotion  of  Human Resource Development (HRD)
  Several HRD Training  (at  Biotech bhawan, haldi , Camp office, silkpark, premnagar, dehradun and different places in collaboration with other reputed academic and R&D organizations

Several special trainings/schools ( (Nanotechnology, Plant tissue culture & Transgenics, Bioinformatics, entrepreneurship development and molecular biology)

Farmers training programs  (covering almost all districts of Garhwal and Kumaon region of the state).

Biotechnology Education, Research, Extension and Promotion

Nineteen ongoing research project  (microbial diversity,  strain development, medicinal plants, nanotechnology etc)  and 14 New R&D Projects (Documentation and conservation of indigenous seeds, Agro bacterium rhizogenes, Novel pharmaceuticals from cynobactria, Biocorrosion, Phenolic and flavonoids Content of edible wild fruits, Aloe-Vera, Mushroom, Finger-millet cultivation, Biofertilizer, micropropagation of Paris Polyphylla etc), covering almost whole /wide  gamut of biotechnology, in particular reference  to   Uttarakhand.

Several Seminars/Conferences/workshops in various organizations/ institutions for update  of recent developments .

Center of Excellence in Mountain Biology (CEMB)
  Inauguration of  CEMB building

  Constitution of Biotechnology Board of Uttarakhand

   Laboratories in the process of being established.

Establishment of Biotech Parks in the State is under thought proposal – to be established soon
Science for Society
  Farmers/un-employed youth training programs (all districts of Uttarakhand)   

  Ensuring people participation

  Encouragement towards sustainable use of natural resources

  Faculty Development Programs 

  Publications of the Council (Books,  Technical Reports,  Training Manuals, Information Brochures et

  Website of the Council ( to make information of the department available at a click.