Recent Initiatives

Recent Initiatives

  •  Advanced/Industrial training programme for researchers/faculty members.
  •  Conferences/Workshops/Seminars in current developments in Biotechnology.
  •  Scholarship scheme for M.Sc. & PhD students of Biotechnology in Uttarakhand.
  •  Creation of a first  POLICY PAPER  “ Biotechnology in Uttarakhand : Scope and Current Relevance”  by organizing  a brainstorming workshop of technocrats, bureaucrats, scientists, legal advisers, policy makers, government officials and other relevant socially active resource persons.
  •  Establishment of  Bioterrorism and Agro Terrorism Mitigation Centers in Uttarakhand to shield our international boarder
  •  Establishment of Molecular Diagnostic and Biosensor Research Laboratory for development of smart KITS for rapid detection of disease in plants, human and animals. High skilled scientists will be engaged and MoU will be done with internationally renowned Institutes in this field—immediate action
  •  Establishment of Environmental Biotechnology Laboratory Our existing research laboratories will be equipped with highly sophisticated instruments/equipment for rapid testing of soil, water and Air biohazards for industries, public and government sectors with joint collaboration with Pollution Control Board. If needed certification may be issued by this laboratory—action after discussion with government bodies
  •  Establishment of Environmental Biotechnology Laboratory with the help of ARIES, DST and ISRO for monitoring the climate in the line of Biotechnology
  •  Engagement of District Coordinators: To enhance sensitization, awareness, commencement of societal activities in every district, we should engage academician working in UG/PG colleges, Institutes, Universities as District Coordinator of Uttarakhand Council for Biotechnology. There will not be any financial liability of Uttarakhand Council for Biotechnology for their engagement—immediate action.
  •  Starting a High Tech web portal with international visibility to invite Biotech/Biopharma industries in Uttarakhand. Uttarakhand Council for Biotechnology can assist such industries to choose their destination in Uttarakhand—immediate action.
  •  Starting of joint venture with Uttarakhad Horticulture Department for promotion of Tissue Culture oriented crops of KIWI, Cashew Nut, Banana, Flower project. Climatic suited germplasm/plants will be imported grown and will be grown in climatically favoured selected zone of Uttarakhand—immediate action.